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Bloktopia Charity Foundation


Introducing the Bloktopia Charity Foundation

The aim of the Bloktopia Charity Foundation is to show how cryptocurrency can be a force for good, raising significant funds which will help to create world class solutions to some of the world’s largest issues.
In turn, awareness of the benefits that cryptocurrency can bring to the world will grow, as more people are brought together to openly communicate about the benefits that cryptocurrency can bring to the world.
How will it work?
  • A visible space. The Bloktopia Charity Foundation will have a virtual HQ on Level 2 of the Bloktopia metaverse. It will showcase the charities that are supported, the funds that have been raised and will give updates on how the charities are investing their funds.
  • Selection process. There will never be more than three key charity partners, this will ensure that a difference can be made, to tackle large and sometimes very specific issues that exist in the world today.
  • BLOKLOK NFT donation. The Bloktopia Charity Foundation will donate to its chosen charity partners through an allocation in the premium projects that launch through Bloktopia’s IDO platform BLOKPAD. These projects have been vetted, incubated, and are hand picked as the best of the best. The charity will benefit from a BLOKLOK NFT which can be sold, or the vested amount of funding can be stored. Either route gives the supported charities the valuable funds they need to deliver their work to the best of their ability.
  • Making a real impact and changing perceptions The mechanic is such that the token allocation will increase in price once the project has launched, giving anywhere from 10 to 100x the return on investment. This will bring positive news about what crypto can achieve for the world.

Raiden Science Foundation

The first chosen charity is the Raiden Science Foundation (RSF.) RSF’s mission is to harness the power of family, community and science to help children suffering from UBA5 disease. UBA5 disease is an ultra-rare progressive neurological genetic disorder. There have been less than 30 genetically confirmed and reported cases in the world. Life expectancy is unknown, and kids impacted can suffer from movement disability, cognitive impairment, and uncontrollable seizures. There are no effective treatments or cures currently for UBA5 disease.
The Raiden Science Foundation is breaking research barriers to advance treatment for UBA5 disease. Their vision is to empower families with rare disease members by setting a pathway others can follow to push forward medical breakthroughs like gene therapy. Advancing treatment for UBA5 can potentially help move medicine forward to help millions of kids suffering from rare diseases around the world. Raiden and all kids suffering from rare diseases around the world are heroes with their families.
The Bloktopia Charity Foundation is proud to have donated a SIDUS HEROES BLOKLOK NFT to the Raiden Science Foundation.
Why Bloktopia with Raiden Science Foundation? Bloktopia seeks to bring users together in an immersive metaverse environment, just like RSF is trying to bring people together in real life. Both Bloktopia and RSF are trying to push the boundaries of creativity ahead by inspiring and empowering communities to come together in new and unique ways.
Why SIDUS HEROES? SIDUS is a futuristic gaming universe on the blockchain, full of heroes (like Raiden and all kids with rare diseases) on journeys of change, fighting against an outlook on life predetermined at birth.
What are BLOKLOK NFTs? They are a new form of NFT offered through Blocktopia’s new Incubation & Launchpad BLOKPAD. The SIDUS HEROES BLOKLOK NFT was the first BLOKPAD NFT project launched, prior to the SIDUS HEROES Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on December 15th.
An allocation of $10,000 was donated by Bloktopia Charity Foundation toward the full cost of the pre-IDO SIDUS Heroes BLOKLOK NFT awarded to RSF. The BLOKLOK NFT provides 4,166,666 SIDUS tokens and 41,666 SENATE tokens to the NFT holder in 22 months (based on private round pricing pre-IDO.) The NFT can be sold by RSF at any time prior to the 22 month token allocation date, with those token allocation benefits transferring to the next NFT owner.