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How do I generate revenue from REBLOK?

All multiple ownership REBLOK is revenue generating, earning a GUARANTEED rental income of 10% of the purchase price per annum. This 10% is guaranteed for LIFE as a minimum, but also has the ability to go higher.
Rental agreements are reached annually with tenants and the Bloktopia team, and if they are set at a higher price in the future, then 10% APY has the ability to increase dramatically. This will depend on the daily active users that visit Bloktopia and the demand for the products or services offered by the tenant, much in the same way as it is in a shopping mall.
REBLOK NFTs will start to generate revenue from the moment that the virtual store it has been purchased for goes live in Bloktopia.
It also gives the holder an opportunity to become a decision maker in the Bloktopia metaverse. Multiple Ownership REBLOK will work on a Governance model. Multiple Ownership REBLOK NFT holders will form part of a Governance council for Bloktopia.
Finally, another short term purpose for owning a REBLOK NFT, is to sell it on the open market as an asset. With the price of the REBLOK NFT defined by the price of $BLOK, it has the ability increase significantly.