Bloktopia (Public)

Bloktopia NFT Portal

What is the NFT Portal?

This is where REBLOK & ADBLOK NFT's can be purchased and traded. It will launch in Q2 2022.

What and how to purchase?

The Bloktopia NFT Portal will sell REBLOK in phases. The first phase will be multiple ownership REBLOK NFTs, which are portions of Real Estate that make up the virtual stores within Bloktopia. These virtual stores hold premium brands, known as tenants, on Levels 1 & 6.
All multiple ownership REBLOK is revenue generating, earning a rental income of 10% of the purchase price per annum.
After the first phase of REBLOK NFTs for Levels 1 & 6 are sold, further REBLOK and ADBLOK sales will take place shortly after.
To purchase NFTs, Bloktopians will need $BLOK within a Bloktopia Wallet.