Bloktopia (Public)

Metaverse land price history

As with land sale prices over time in real life, land in the metaverse also has the opportunity grow in value.
The Sandbox and Decentraland are two crypto focused metaverses that have already sold land, and both of these projects have witnessed significant gains for the those who have purchased within these land sales.
Decentraland example: Land that sold in Decentraland for $500 in early 2019 is now trading for over $7,860, 20th May 2022.
The Sandbox example: Land that sold in The Sandbox also saw phenomenal gains as shown below- land values increased by over 2300% in over a year.
A view of The Sandbox land asset increase over time.
It’s also worth noting that Bloktopia is a Skyscraper, which has been designed as an enclosed space rather than a vast supply of land and parcels. Decentraland has approximately 97,500 individual parcels of land for sale and Sandbox has over 140,000. Bloktopia will have significantly less.