Bloktopia (Public)

What is the purpose of buying land?

Bloktopia is a metaverse/ virtual space for cryptocurrency and NFTs. Crypto newbies and experts can socialise together, join events and learn, earn, play and create with established projects and real world brands. Bloktopia will be a platform that contains vetted and trusted content, alongside universally known global brands, making it appealing to new people just entering the Crypto space or the Crypto OGs. These brands will rent virtual stores, in a similar way to how brands rent stores in a shopping mall, making them tenants.
Owning land in Bloktopia is like owning any NFT. It allows its buyer to say they own the original copy of a digital file as verified by the blockchain. In this instance, it means that a holder owns part of the Bloktopia metaverse, specifically portions of the virtual stores rented by tenants.
The land is portioned into multiple parts, therefore is referred to as a multiple ownership NFTs. To make that terminology easier, Bloktopia call it REBLOK. So REBLOK is a portion of Real Estate that make up the virtual stores within Bloktopia holding premium brands, known as tenants.
All multiple ownership REBLOK is revenue generating, earning a GUARANTEED rental income of 10% for life.
It also gives the holder an opportunity to become a decision maker in the Bloktopia metaverse through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
Finally, a short term purpose for owning a REBLOK NFT, is to sell it on the open market as an asset. With the price of the REBLOK NFT defined by the price of $BLOK, it has the ability increase significantly.